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Its meaning covers a complex fibrin protein fibers and their network in the blood matrix rich in scalp scalp treatment перевод перевод white blood cells and platelets, which is a therapy with significantly higher efficacy than the previously used PRP Platelet Rich Fibrinogen treatment.

I-PRF therapy is an injectable version of one of the most effective modern ways to promote wound healing, angiogenesis building of new microvessels in the tissuesand connective tissue regeneration — delivered to the area to be treated with a needle after local anesthesia. Joseph Choukroun modified by dr.

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The therapy plays an important role in strengthening the scalp treatment перевод hair as well as in reducing hair loss, and in combination with hair implantation, it also helps the survival and regeneration of the transplanted grafts and the reduction of the shock loss phenomenon after the procedure.

In case of scar treatment usually we recommend i-PRF therapy with a 2-week gap between treatments and it is recommended to have a total of 3 treatments, although the treatment should be individualized.

The purpose of the method is to keep the cells in the blood intact and to maintain their activity.

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To prepare it, the patient needs his own venous blood, which is centrifuged without the addition of anticoagulants. Blood is drawn immediately before the procedure and the isolate is used immediately.

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The required ml of blood is collected with a closed vacuum blood collection system. This does not put a greater strain on the body, ml of blood is taken scalp treatment перевод a conventional blood sample.

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Centrifugation separates the components of the blood, forming a platelet-rich fibrin matrix in the upper segment with white blood cells, and a lower part consisting of red blood cells.

In the upper useful layer at the border of the two parts, scalp treatment перевод, angiogenesis and regeneration factors are present, which, when returned to the scalp, stimulate hair growth and the function of dormant sleeping follicles through small needle punctures.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the therapy is painless except for the first few injections.

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The I-PRF treatment provides very good results for both female and male hair loss as a stand-alone therapy as well. The result may vary widely, but even in the worst case it stops active hair loss, and by luckier patients in addition to the strengthening of existing hair, we experience a thickening through the activation of dormant follicles, which becomes visible months after the therapy.

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This therapy can play an important role in strengthening existing hair and in combination with hair implantation, also helps in the survival and regeneration of transplanted grafts, as well as in the reduction of post-intervention shock loss. We use it for scar treatments and anti-aging treatments wrinkles or skin surface treatment. Hajbeültetés, scalp treatment перевод zsír terápia, i-PRF blog Most aktuális.

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