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When you hear that six-letter word, everything just…stops.

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Fashion is my passion, my everything and the only job I ever knew and wanted. I can still remember the words that hijacked my life making everything come crumbling down around me.

This is my story, and like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two are the same. It was shattering news; how am I going to work with a scar that runs down the side of my face? I was devastated — my career was over, all that hard work, and dreams shattered to pieces. I became extremely depressed and shut white scalp on baby head. What was I going to do? Courtesy of Raphaella Gesumaria Keeping up with my old routine, I hit the gym five times a week, three times with my trainer, additionally mixing in hot yoga, spin and pilates.

The industry has changed a bit to be a little more accepting to flaws. Pushing myself hard to bounce back, I thought I pulled muscle or had a cyst, so off to the doctor I went for an ultrasound which turned into breast biopsy. July 25, white scalp on baby head day of my second diagnosis, I received the call that my results were positive for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I remained as calm as one would be. As soon as I got off white scalp on baby head phone, I called my dad so he could come home and White scalp on baby head could tell them both at the same time.

I knew my mom was going to be a mess and she would need the support. A few tears and that was it.

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She even mentioned that I was taking this very well. She paused and said yes, I would white scalp on baby head my hair. I asked again. Later that night after talking with my family, I wanted to meet with a few more doctors. I met with Dr. Elisa Port and Dr. I knew right away they would be my doctors. Dubin is as pleasant as a cancer center can be, private treatment rooms with TVs, plants around, heated chairs.

How could this be real? It seemed like a cruel joke! My doctors wanted me to start treatment ASAP so this decision needed to be made rather quickly.

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I met with the fertility doctor the following day and started the process that night. Everything was moving so fast, it was very overwhelming and I had no real time to process anything. The thought of having to inject myself night and day totally freaked me out! There was so much to take in and figure out and the first night was so stressful. We instantly clicked and started chatting and for a moment, I forgot what I was about to endure.

I also decided to cold cap, which keeps chemotherapy from reaching hair follicles by constricting blood vessels in the scalp. It allows patients to keep some of their hair during treatment. It was nice to have friends and family visit, which was always a much needed distraction from treatment and especially while my head was being frozen!

It was very uncomfortable, fitted so tight around the head white scalp on baby head degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours. You feel no pain!

My chemo cocktail was really strong. It was very emotional for me to see my hair fall out in clumps everywhere.

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It was also very hard not to be able to wash my hair cold cap rules. I always felt dirty and I was frustrated with my appearance. At this point, I started to gain weight from the steroids and I was in so much pain with side effects and nothing was helping. On Oct. Two weeks later is when it all went downhill, or I should say further downhill.

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I was hospitalized with a high fever, dangerously low neutrophil count which is never good for a cancer patient and internal bleeding, I was instantly quarantined.

I wanted to go home! Seeing the look on my parents face, I knew I needed to not give in or give up; it was time to fight. The following week, I returned to Dubin to resume treatment as scheduled, but not quite. I was admitted back into the hospital. I felt like this was a never-ending nightmare. I needed blood transfusions and I was in organ failure. Overnight my body swelled up with 15 pounds of water, and bone and muscle pain was at an all-time high.

Almost two weeks white scalp on baby head, I was finally released from the hospital. Six more months of chemo followed by white scalp on baby head surgery and then daily radiation. Thanksgiving, Christmas came and went. My best friend insisted we have dinner and champagne. My friends encouraged me to put myself out there but kenőcs pikkelysömör gyógyítására thought of it made me so uncomfortable.

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I was feeling distressed with the weight gain and how I looked in clothes. It all was just white scalp on baby head bit too much for me to even think let alone experience. Courtesy of Raphaella Gesumaria Shortly after my birthday, a few friends and I went to a hockey game.

Tickets were gifted by my lovely, supportive friend and super talented NHL writer. Knowing it was going to be an emotional night, I was happy to be out having a night with friends. Tears ran down my face, I took my wig off. I felt as if all eyes were on me.

My friends were screaming and cheering; this was the first time I allowed myself to be seen without a wig. Courtesy of Raphaella Gesumaria A couple days later, everything shut down and we all went into quarantine. During this time, I started chatting with this guy. It turned out, he was a surgical resident at the same hospital I go to. Despite all the worries and insecurities flying around in my head, I was very comfortable with him even though we just stated our conversation.

I knew White scalp on baby head had to be true to myself and told him I was a cancer patient — he was completely unfazed. A few weeks passed and we planned to hangout. It took me a little bit to wrap my head around meeting someone like this. There was something very special about him that made me feel so comfortable. It was easy for me to be me, even this raw, vulnerable version of myself.

Courtesy of Raphaella Gesumaria I met him with no makeup, no wig and was wearing leggings with a sweater.

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He never treated me as if I was sick or different even on those days I was curled up sick on his couch after coming home from treatment together. It was moments like these that opened my eyes to the self-work I needed to do to love myself again.

As my hair started to grow, I was uncomfortable with my appearance yet again, and would shave it. I started to wear my wigs more and more. Does it look like a wig? Do people know?

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Are they staring at me thinking I have a wig on my head? What if it falls off? Do I look funny? It was never-ending thoughts and all I wanted was to hold onto some type of normalcy that I had before cancer. I just wanted to blend in and be normal again! The more I tried to fit into that box and put that pressure on myself, the more uncomfortable I became. The flip-flopping of emotions are exhausting.

When you feel so much pain, you have a choice. You can allow it to take over and swallow you whole or you can channel it into drive. Let the pain motivate you, to push you forward. Cancer happened. It has changed the way I live my life. It also gave me a lot. I have a new lease on life, an even more sensitive heart, a more intense drive and determination. Having an outlet like this to share bits of my story has given me a chance to help others.

If I can change or help even one life, all the hardships will have been worth it for me. My main focus now is on healing, both physically and mentally. A former fashion model, a white scalp on baby head mom to a Leopard Catahoula, Rufus. A self-proclaimed girly tomboy.

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Lover of cars and hockey. An animal whisperer, serious snacker, shoe shopping adventurer.

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It looks like… just me. You can follow her journey on Instagram.

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